Family First


Family First is a North Texas District Department with first priority of serving NTD churches. In addition to partnering with NTD, Family First maintains an ecumenical approach to ministry and collaborates with churches and faith based organizations outside the Assemblies of God in order to meet the needs of children who are marginalized, at-risk, or currently in the child welfare system.


On any given day there are approximately 30,000 children in the Texas foster care system. Family First is dedicated to increasing the involvement of the local church in caring for these children and their families.


As the church becomes aware of the need, Family First will equip the church to respond through church leadership training and programs.


As the church responds to the need, they will play a vital role from prevention to permanency. Family First will continue to support the church as their ministry to children and families grow.

Our Team

Regional Pastoral Representatives
Regional Program Coordinators
North Texas District Staff


Becoming a Foster/Adopt Parent

Interested in becoming a foster parent or adding a blessing to your family through adoption? Here at Family First we are committed to assisting churches in launching Orphan Care Ministries and walking alongside its members in the foster licensing and adoption processes.

These processes vary based on the agency partner and their specific requirements. Family First has cultivated relationships with Child Placement Agencies (CPA) and is dedicated to connecting churches to the CPA in their region and come alongside in training and relationship building.

Interested in receiving more on becoming a foster/adopt parent? Click Here 

Advocate in Court

Each day, the safety and well-being of children across Texas is threatened by child abuse and neglect. Intervening effectively in the lives of these children and their families is not the sole responsibility of a single agency or professional group. The community must share it We believe the concerns are founded in the core beliefs and practices of the local church and lead by local clergy. We invite you to attend court, see the needs, and respond to God’s call to care!

Support Aging Out

Every year in the state of Texas 1,500 or more youth age-out of the Texas foster care system, many without families or any semblance of a support system to help adequately transition them into adulthood. 50% of these youth will be homeless and will enter into drug, alcohol, and/or sex addictions before their eighteenth birthday. This issue is a growing problem and is seen most clearly in the simple fact that the state prison systems of America base their future inmate population from the number of youth that age-out of the foster care system. Family First is committed to helping these young people, so they may successfully transition into adulthood with bright futures full of opportunities.

For more information and resources check out Phased IN 

Teen Resources

Family First can provide specific training to assist foster parents in adequately caring for and resourcing their foster teen. This training will cover college admission processes, financial assistant programs and applications, de-escalation training, and the driver’s education training process.



is a preliminary tool that Family First implements to educate leaders and pastors on the process and need for orphan care ministries within the local church. This training includes an overview on the various levels of an orphan care ministry, how to choose leadership and the statistics of your specific area. If you are interested in participating in a Keep Pastoral Leadership Training please click here 

Orphan Care Ministry Development

Family First is excited to offer three great Orphan Care Ministry Development programs that will intentionally assist in guiding your orphan care ministry development through training, coaching, and implementation of best practices from the Harvest Family Life Ministries Model, established in 2004.


The Awareness Builder is a 3 month commitment and is designed to meet the needs of congregations that believe:


The Momentum Builder is a 6 month commitment and is designed to meet the needs of congregations that believe:


The Development Builder is a 9 month commitment and is designed to meet the needs of congregations that believe:

My church has accepted the biblical mandate to care for the orphan (James 1:27)




My church has appointed Orphan Care Leaders (i.e. Pastoral Staff, Lay Person(s), Ministry Team)





My church is committed to ongoing trainings, bible studies, events and programs related to caring for the orphan





My Church has an established relationship with a Child Placement Agency




There are a significant number of factors to consider when tackling the breakdown of the family ultimately to the point that a child is no longer safe, cared for and looked after in their home. One of the leading causes for children entering the child welfare system is poverty. Many would suggest that poverty is a result of poor choices or environmental factor. We understand poverty to have its own culture. Family First would like to invite you to explore new ideas that may reshape the way we interact with children and families in poverty. This training would be ideal for:

  • Pastors, church and ministry leaders, and congregation members considering their role in helping the materially poor at home and abroad.
  • People seeking an effective framework to guide their giving.